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manage less.

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Just code. We handle the rest.

We are a developer-first, GitHub-integrated development and deployment platform made for unlocking your dev superpowers. You can focus on having great ideas and coding them.

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    Develop and deploy frontend and backend applications in one place

    The efficiency of AWS and the speed of Cloudflare combined to make your development easier and faster.

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    Make requests the way it suits you the best

    bohr's Browser Terminal and CLI are able to make the same requests our platform does. So you can personalize your workflow according to your needs

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      • For personal and non-commercial use projects
      • Basic features.
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      $10/per month
      • Unlimited commercial projects
      • All basic features
      • Multi-region redundancy
      • Support priority
      • Free domain for a year
      *Like .com, .com.br, .net, .cc and others.Subscribe
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      • Self-Hosted - internal bohr.io running on your own cloud account
      • Reduce infrastructure costs
      • Boost your devs productivity
      • Personalized interface
      • Recession friendly prices
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